Don't Let Massage Pricing Delay Your Pampering

Don't Let Massage Pricing Delay Your Pampering

A full-body massage is surprisingly affordable at Healing Path Therapy

When you're fed up with achy muscles, you know it's time to treat yourself to a massage. Why spend a fortune on a full-body massage? Healing Path Therapy offers massage therapy treatments that fit any budget.

You can enjoy a relaxing deep tissue or Swedish massage for...

$50 for one hour
$70 for 90 minutes
$100 for two hours

Make an appointment at your convenience.

Pamper yourself with a specialty massage

Healing Path Therapy provides massage therapy treatments tailor-made to athletes, expectant moms and people who lead busy lives. Take advantage of our...

Sports massages: $50 for one hour
Back and neck massages: $30 for 30 minutes
Mother-to-be massages: $50 for one hour or $70 for 90 minutes

Got questions about these specialty massages? Call 806-407-0988 now to speak with our licensed massage therapist.